Professional Experience

Technical Researcher Internship, AWS

Summer 2018
Solutions Architect - Amazon Web Services, Madrid
Achieved Results
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • General knowledge of all AWS services
  • Practical knowledge of the following services: EC2, DynamoDB, RDS, S3, Cognito, SES, Lambda, Step Functions, Gateway API, CloudWatch, CloudWatch Events, among others
  • Experience integrating and architecting various services in order to achieve a scalable, secure and cost-efficient solution
  • Experience building completely serverless applications
  • Deepened my knowledge of software development skills using python and javascript
  • Improved knowledge on Chalice (serverless python framework) and Vue.js
Internship report

References: AWS Head of Technology & Architecture EMEA South - Carlos Carus -

Teaching Assistant

Sep 2017 – Dec 2017
Faculty of Engineering at University of Porto, Porto

Software Developer Internship

Summer 2017
Bitmaker Software, Porto

Worked on the development of an employee benefit managment webapp for Sodexo, using the Phoenix framework with Elixir. Develop my skills with functional programming, web development and REST services.

Blog post on bitmaker website.

References: CTO - Tiago Fernandes -

Extra-Curricular Activities

Board of Regents
2017 - Present
FEUP, Porto

Head of Entrepreneurship Department

2017 - 2018
Student's Association, FEUP, Porto

Previous: Member of Recreational Department from 2014 to 2017

Treasurer of the Informatics Club

2017 - 2018

Previous: Member from 2016 to 2017

Treasurer of ENEI 2018

2017 - 2018
National Meeting of Informatic Students, Porto

Alumni at European Youth Parliament

2013 - 2015
EYP, Europe

International sessions: Tbilisi 2013 | Barcelona 2014

Design Engineer
2013 - 2014
F1 in Schools, Portugal

Participated in the regional and national finals.


Neural network for facial expression recognition - Live Website
- Webapp interface using ConvNetJS, a Javascript library, to train a neural network using backpropagation algorithms.
Web application for Project Management
- Webapp for managing a team tasks, meetings and files. Using php, postgreSQL, smarty, sass and javascript.
Distributed Backup Service
- Multi-threaded distributed backup service written in Java.
Pokemon Endeless Runner game for Minix
- Written in C and Assembly, which required a low level management and handling of system interruptions for several devices such as the mouse, keyboard, RTC and video ram.
Route Calculation System
- A C++ Navigation System using graphs and Dijkstra’s algorithm.

Courses Attended

Mathematical Analysis | Algebra | Physics | Computer Architecture and Organization | Databases | Database and Web Applications | Data structures | Algorithms design and analysis | Artificial Intelligence | Logic Programming | Operating Systems | Distributed Systems | Computer Networks | Graphical Interfaces | Agents and Distributed Artificial Intelligence | Enterprise Management | Information Systems | Software Engineering | Operations and Management Logistics | Computer Systems Securty | Software Systems Architecture | Operational Research

Programming Challenges

Porto Summer of Code


Academic Match Results app, a mobile web app built with Ionic and Cordova.

Barcelona imaginChallenge


A endless runner Android mobile game developed in 24 hours.

Skills & Proficiency

Distributed Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Web development

Team work